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Alpaca Yarn Bumps Quick view

Alpaca (Jumbo) Yarn Bumps

Made in Canada Soft Jumbo Alpaca yarn bumps, from the Camelot Alpaca herd. Knit or crochet your items up quickly using giant jumbo knitting needles, crochet hooks or using the popular hand knitting...

Eagle on back of sweater Quick view

Alpaca Sweater

Made in Canada Keep warm and cozy with a beautiful one of a kind, Hand spun and hand-knitted  design sweater made from 85% Camelot Alpaca and 15% Merino Features an eagle on the...

Examples of felted items made using these needles Quick view

Felting Needles

Picture displays examples of Camelot felted items, hand-crafted using these felting needles. A fibre artist uses different size needles to create different effects in their design.   Green 36...


Most Popular Products

Zephyr Alpaca Halters Quick view

Zephyr Alpaca Halters

Zephyr Alpaca Halters are designed to be safe and comfortable. We have used these Zephyr halters when leading/training our Alpacas for many years now, and highly recommend them.   Extra Small...

Alpaca Casual Socks, Made in Canada Quick view

Alpaca Casual Socks

Made in Canada - Super soft and cozy, quality Alpaca (unisex) casual sock that has a soft padded sole for extra added comfort.   Excellent wicking and thermal properties. Available...

Alpaca Hiking Socks Quick view

Alpaca Hiking Socks

Made in Canada - Quality (Unisex) Alpaca sock with durability.  Excellent for hiking and the great outdoors. Keeps your feet warm and cozy.  Excellent wicking and thermal properties, with...


New Products

Alpaca Hat
Cria Alpaca Yarn Quick view

Black/white Alpaca Hat

Made in Canada Black & White Alpaca Hat Knitted on the ranch, with luxuriously soft Baby Alpaca yarn from the Camelot herd. 85% Cria/15% Merino (Alpaca yarn also for sale at the Alpaca...

Camelot Haven Alpaca Hat
Soft and Cozy
Organic Quick view

Alpaca Hat

Soft and cozy Alpaca hat with bobble. Knitted at Camelot Haven with fibre from the Camelot herd. 90% Cria/10% Merino (yarns also available for sale in the Alpaca Country Store or online)