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Alpaca Tea Canada Quick view

Thrive Alpaca Tea

Thrive Alpaca Tea Canada Thrive Alpaca Tea (shredded)   Gift box contains: 4 natural linen alpaca tea bags Alpaca Tea (shredded) Packaged weight: 125 grams$6.75 each Eco-friendly Alpacas...

Alpaca Beans  Canada Quick view

Thrive Alpaca Beans

Thrive Alpaca Beans Canada Thinking of planting a garden this year - why not try Alpaca Beans. Ideal for your Garden and House Plants (including orchids). 1 pouch Alpaca BeansPackaged weight 350...


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Zephyr Alpaca Halters Quick view

Zephyr Alpaca Halters

Zephyr Alpaca Halters are designed to be safe and comfortable. We have used these Zephyr halters when leading/training our Alpacas for many years now, and highly recommend them.   Extra Small...

Alpaca Terry Socks Quick view

Alpaca Terry Socks

Made in Canada - Quality (Unisex) Alpaca sock with durability.  Excellent for the great outdoors. Keeps your feet warm and cozy.  Excellent wicking and thermal properties, with a soft...


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