Alpaca Beans  Canada

Thrive (eco-friendly) Alpaca Beans

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Thrive (eco-friendly) Alpaca Beans Canada

Thinking of planting a garden this year?

Ideal for Gardens, House Plants (including orchids) and Seedlings.

1 pouch Alpaca Beans
Packaged weight 350 gms
$15.00 each

1 natural burlap drawstring bag.
Packaged weight 600 gms
$19.95 (currently only available from Alpaca Country Store, Vernon, BC)

Also sold in large sacks or by tracker scoop (Alpaca Ranch Only).

Thrive Alpaca Beans
Carefully selected, naturally dried, air cured and protected from the elements.

  •     Flower/Vegetable gardens: Place beans around plants and gently work into soil.
  •     Houseplants: Use either *Thrive Alpaca tea or sprinkle 1 tbsp of Alpaca beans around plant and gently work in.
  •     Seedlings: Want to give your plants a head start and help build a strong root system. Gently water seedlings with *Thrive Alpaca tea.
  •     Transplants: Place beans around transplant and gently work into soil.
  •     Shrubs/Trees: Place beans around base, can water in or wait for a good rainfal

Eco-friendly Alpacas are very tidy animals and normally defecate in one place. Around this pile it is usually lush green. Alpacas have one glandular stomach (the third compartment), The other parts (first and second compartments) are elaborations of the esophagus   Alpacas possess a very efficient digestive system, thus eliminating weeds.

Their waste, which has a low odour, consists of smallish bean like pellets, which are not hot, so do not need to be aged or composted. The beans, a slow release fertilizer can be applied directly around even the most delicate plants and will not burn them. As Alpacas are not known to carry E-coli, there beans are safe for food crops.

Being 100% Natural, Thrive Alpaca Tea & Beans contains No harmful chemicals, so will not kill the beneficial microbes necessary for plant growth.
Contains the 3 major ingredients necessary for healthy plant growth: Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus (also contains Magnesium, Calcium, Sulphur and Potash).

Thrive Alpaca Tea & Beans helps to improve soil quality by increasing organic matter. It acts as a natural soil conditioner and has the ability to retain water.