Alpaca Yarn Bumps

Alpaca (Jumbo) Yarn Bumps

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Made in Canada

Soft Jumbo Alpaca yarn bumps, from the Camelot Alpaca herd.

Knit or crochet your items up quickly using giant jumbo knitting needles, crochet hooks or using the popular hand knitting method.

Ideal for making blankets/throws, pillows, shawls, bags, scarves, etc.

Weight of brown yarn shown - 11 lbs 13 ounces.   

80% Alpaca/20% Merino

Some of the yarn bumps are mixed with bamboo, cashmere and/or silk.

Please contact ahead for pricing, as cost varies according to weight.

Available inWhite, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Grey, Black, Rose, Sage, and Natural multi.