• Alpaca Utility Leads Quick view

    Zephyr Utility Leads

    This is a less expensive tool for casual leading. It features the non swivel lightweight hook and wide flat nylon for effective signaling.  The Zephyr lead is long enough (8 feet) to offer some distance to animals that become frightened and want a...

  • Holster for toe nail clippers/nippers Quick view

    Toenail Clipper Holster

    Nothing is more frustrating than to have your animal’s foot right where you want it only to have your toe nail clippers just out of reach. Use the holster to keep them exactly where you want them – within reach! The leather holster will also...

  • Zephyr Llama Halters Quick view

    Zephyr Llama Halters

    Zephyr Llama Halters are designed to be safe and comfortable. We have used these Zephyr halters when leading/training our Alpacas for many years now, and highly recommend them.   Small - Fits most weanlings up to 8-10 months. Medium...